e-Cued was formed by professionals to help businesses, clients, consumers, and customers manage their businesses with the use of SaaS.e-Cued has a POS software, mobile notification system, appointment scheduling software and we also build, edit, and manage websites. E-cued serves as a notification platform for businesses that always or sometimes send notifications / reminders to their customers. e-Cued's web and mobile application help bridge the gap between the customers and businesses. e-Cued mobile application will be free forever, but the web application will be subject to a minimal annual fee. e-Cued mobile application is an all-in-one notification platform. Multiple companies can use the e-Cued mobile application as their platform to notify their customers as long as the business enterprise web application is built or designed by e-Cued. e-Cued POS and scheduling software is high tech and made affordable to small and large scale enterprises.


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95% Andriod App
90% Apple App
75% Windows
65% Web Application